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Microchip Number

This number is on a sticker included in your purchased batch of microchips. Place one of the new stickers on each page of the Registration form. Or, if you are registering an animal that has been previously chipped, write in the microchip number here.

Implanter Details
Implanter Pin No: This is the number assigned from M4S ID to identify the clinic, humane society, breeder, hospital, etc, that is implanting the chip. This should be placed on every registration form.
Implanter Postal/Zip Code: This is the postal code of the clinic that implanted the chip. This is another way to identify the clinic, humane society, breeder, hospital, etc. This should be placed on every registration form. The Pin Number and Postal/Zip Code should be written on the registration form as soon as they are received by the clinic, humane society, breeder, hospital, etc.
Collar Tag No: M4S ID provides a uniquely numbered stainless steel lifetime collar tag with every chip implanted or animal registered. The assigned tag number should be entered into the collar tag number area. This represents dual identification for the pet along with the microchip in case it is lost. When a pet is lost and has a collar on, the finder usually looks at the telephone number on the stainless steel tag and calls the database. This is an immense help to the owner or adoptee and in 40% of the cases we get the pet back to it’s owner without the animal going to an animal control or humane society. This will save the owner a considerable amount of money. To ensure that the pet leaves the facility with a tag on, the implanter can provide collars for sale.

Owner’s Details
All information regarding the owner should be entered. We encourage pet owners to update their information whenever necessary to ensure that they can be reached for the safety of their pet. M4S ID microchips come with a lifetime registration on the M4S ID database. We do not charge to change address or ownership information, or yearly maintenance fee.

Emergency Contact
An emergency contact is important in the event the owner is not at home or cannot be reached.

Pet’s Details
This area is for the owner’s pet details. Be specific in this area, as the more accurate the description of the pet, the better the chance is for recovery. Make sure to mark down whether the rabies vaccination has been done or not, and the date.

Veterinarian or Breeder
If the implanter details have been filled out, this area does not need to be filled in. But if the chips are being implanted for a breeder, then the breeder’s information should be filled in here.

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